My family is my life. Lucky for me, my kids are adventurous eaters. Lucky for them too! Although not every dish is met with success, each child can usually find at least one or two redeeming elements. First and foremost, I cook for them. Everything else is secondary.

After working in corporate America for the past 18 years, I started my small business to finally experience the adage “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Follow me as I make delicious food and photograph it. Watch my journey as a food photographer evolve. Follow along for seasonal inspirations. Keep an eye out for family favorites as well as dishes that work best at dinner parties.

To book my services or place orders for shipment, check out my website: http://www.make-meals.com and my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MakeMeals

In Home Dinner Parties
We will create a personalized menu based on your taste and desired dishes. You can choose the number of courses or preferred cooking style. Or the host can select offerings from our existing menus. Depending on the size of your party a cook and servers will be at your residence to take care of your every need throughout dinner.

Dinner Incognito
We make it, you fake it! You select a menu, we make it and disappear! You present it to your guests as your own. We’ll even provide you with the recipes, so that when your guests ooh and ahh and ask for them, you’ll have them on hand. No one will ever be the wiser!

Cooking Parties
Your place or ours? Designed for 6-12 people, cooking parties are a great way to gather friends or family for a cooking lesson in your home, in our Chelsea space or in our Carroll Gardens brownstone location. Menu is selected based on hosts choices. We buy all of the ingredients and teach you how to prepare and make the meal. You and your guests dine on your culinary creations!

Weekly Meals
Our Meal Service offers tasteful and nutritious home cooked quality meals, made from scratch using mostly organic ingredients. If you’re too busy to cook or are bored with takeout every night, the Weekly Meal Service is for you!

Meal service is flexible to meet your needs. Meals are always flavorful and you choose which meals will be healthful or indulgent. Meal plans are available for 3, 4 or 5 nights a week. Delivery is available to your home or office and will accommodate any dietary requests that you make. Pick your desired delivery day and we provide home made food with heating instructions.

Baked Goods
Cupcakes for a birthday party? Carrot cake for Easter? Flourless chocolate cake for Passover? Pecan pie for Thanksgiving? Apple pie for 4th of July? We make it all, and it’s all from scratch.

All Organic Baby Food
Babies want good food too! Yummy in their tummy! We use all organic ingredients for our pureed baby foods. Stage 1 (2oz), Stage 2 (4oz) and Stage 3 (6oz) combinations are offered. Freezing options available. You’ll know that your baby is eating homemade food that was cooked from the heart.

Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Vegan Meals
We will support and sustain any dietary requests. Menu choices will be purposefully presented to accommodate all diets. All provided meals will be provided with heating instructions.

Dinner Demos
No secrets in our kitchen! Set up a Dinner Demonstration and we will prepare a meal, of your choice, in your home and talk our way through each step. Informal, yet extremely informative. We’ll share timing techniques, ingredient choices as well as plating options. Join in the preparation, if you wish, or take a seat and enjoy the show!

For the past 9 1/2 years, we’ve been teaching our kids about the value of good, fresh food. We love sharing that appreciation and FUN of eating great home made food with other kids. We’ll prepare the ingredients and set up all of the tools that we’ll need. Kids revel in getting their hands into every part of the meal making process. Depending on age, we will also throw in some nutrition facts that they will be able to relate to.


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