School Lunches, Take 10 (2013/2014 10 MORE lunch photos)

Here are 10 more lunch ideas! If you’re keeping count… these are 101-110(!!) of my entire list of makemealsmama school lunch photos and ideas.

Packing lunch (almost) every day for three school aged kids is an adventure! I photograph the lunches and share them with my ah-mazing Facebook food group and I’m now sharing last years school lunches with my blogger friends. During the 2013-2014 school year, the kids were in 5th grade, 3rd grade and Pre-K. It was the only year where I had three kids attending the same school. What a treat for drop-offs and pick-ups!

Sometimes we gave them leftovers, sometimes sandwiches, sometimes random foods thrown together, sometimes thoughtfully put together… always with an effort to keep them fun, yet healthful. Hope that these lunches give you ideas for your own kids lunches.

**How to keep food in thermoses hot: Pour boiling water into an empty thermos and cover. While you are preparing the lunch, this will “pre-heat” the thermos. When you’re read to fill the thermos, spill out the boiling water and fill it with the lunch.**


1. Multigrain with Canadian bacon and romaine. Blueberries and cucumbers. 2013lunch41

2. Leftover stuffing (with sausage, carrots, apples, celery), grapes and gogurt simple. 2013lunch42

3. Hummus with carrot, red peppers, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and rice crackers. Green grapes on the side. 2013lunch43


4. Bagel (everything or plain) with cream cheese, edamame and tomatoes, yocrunch yogurt 2013lunch44 

5. Tuna salad with rice crackers and mini sweet peppers. Pear slices and Trader Joe’s mini peanut butter cups. 2013lunch45


6. Leftover tortilla soup (tortillas and sour cream on the side), yellow squash spears with thousand island dressing and a Trader Joe’s applesauce. 2013lunch46

7. Raisin bread with cream cheese. Hard boiled eggs, cucumbers and yogurt. 2013lunch47


8. Leftover Israeli couscous salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, shallots and mint (LO has a deconstructed salad with carrots). Strawberries, blueberry kefir and nuts. Peanuts and orange craisins for DD 1&2 and wasabi almonds for DS. 2013lunch48

9. Sunflower butter & grape jelly on Martin’s potato bread. Fresh mozzarella with tomatoes (two got balsamic vinegar, one got balsamic glaze) and pepitas. 2013lunch49

10. Turkey, goat cheese and spinach on multigrain sandwich thins. Cherries & grape tomatoes. Summer squash, orange and cranberry mini cakes (LO ate hers for breakfast) 2013lunch50



Kids should also Eat, Drink & Be Yummy!

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