School And Daycare Lunches, Take 4 (10 lunches)

Round four (yes FOUR!!!!) of school and daycare lunches!! These are photos of lunches that we made during the 2012-2013 school year for our three kids. They were in 4th grade, 2nd grade and daycare. Sometimes leftovers, sometimes sandwiches, sometimes thrown together, sometimes thoughtfully put together… always with an effort to keep them healthful.

Check here for more school lunch photos and ideas.

1. Tricolor tortellini with vodka sauce, hard boiled egg (salt on the side) and Trader Joe’s crispy rice snack.

school lunch

Leftovers for lunch can be lifesavers!

2. Bagels with goat cheese and salami with snap pea crisps and pear slices.

school lunch

Extra bagels from your weekend brunch? Make great school lunch sandwiches!

3. Whole wheat with roasted turkey, cucumber slices and mayo (or mustard) with, grape tomatoes, candied pecans & dried mango.

school lunch

I try to have a combination of pantry and fresh items.

4. Hard Boiled egg (with truffle salt on the side), carrots, yogurt, mozzarella stick and rice cake.

school lunch

Clearly, whoever packed this lunch was short on sleep and short on time. Just the basics…

5. Whole wheat with thinly sliced cucumbers, hummus and turkey with pear, tomatoes or carrots and cheez-its.

school lunch

mmmmm… a little bit of cheez-its go a long way

6. Country white with canadian bacon, lettuce and mayo. Cucumber slices and trail mix (just dried fruit for the LO).


Making my own trail mix is often the result of having random dried fruit and nuts that haven’t been destined for greater glory.

7. Hand cut veal bologna, mini pita (aioli on the side), grapes and TJ’s rice krispies treat

school lunch

They love putting together their own sandwiches… or eating them “deconstructed”.

8. Bologna and brie on country white with yellow and red grape tomatoes, kiwi & strawberry pieces.

school lunch

9. Tuna salad with sweet peppers (for scooping), crackers and strawberries.

school lunch

No utensils required… the kids scoop up the tuna with sweet peppers or crackers.


10. Hearty multigrain bread with honey roasted turkey and romaine, hard boiled egg, oatmeal craisin cookies & carrots.

school lunch

This was for a longer school day… 



Kids should also Eat, Drink & Be Yummy!

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