School And Daycare Lunches, Take 2 (10 lunches)

Round two of school and daycare lunches. These are photos of lunches that we made during the 2012-2013 school year for our three kids. They were in 4th grade, 2nd grade and daycare. Sometimes leftovers, sometimes sandwiches, sometimes thrown together, sometimes thoughtfully put together… always with an effort to keep them healthful.

Check here for more school lunch photos and ideas.

 1. School & daycare lunch: Turkey, asiago and mixed greens on TJ’s Canadian White with dijon aioli. Quinoa salad with asparagus, olives and goat cheese. Apple slices.

school lunch

Quinoa is a big seller in our family. Seasoned properly, it’s delicious! 

2. School lunch: mixed greens with shredded carrots, kidney beans, tomatoes, grilled chicken and cucumbers; dressing on the side. Cereal bars. Daycare lunch: LO got grandma’s chicken soup with mini shells and shredded carrots.

school lunch

Loved that daycare was able to heat up soups and other items in glass containers!

3. School and daycare lunch: whole wheat pita with hummus, Canadian bacon, yogurt cheese and cucumbers. Edamame and strawberries. (And yes, if you look close enough, I’ve taken a “bite” out of each sandwich and called it “taxes”. Sarcasm through food love!

school lunch

Love that they have a great sense of humor!

4. School & daycare lunch. Homemade “lunchables”: Cleared out our cheese drawer (truffle cheese, manchego, goat cheese, feta, laughing cow & halumi) with rolled up ham, grape tomatoes and TJ’s rice crackers. LO got a bonus of veggie sticks.

school lunch

I love that they love a cheese plate as lunch!

5. School & daycare lunch: plov (courtesy of a late night drop off by my stellar sister, Anna) with a side of cornichons and grape tomatoes. Plov is a rice pilaf with lamb.

school lunch

Rice products retain their heat very well in thermos containers.

6.  Chicken Caesar salad wraps with carrots (not pictured). I saw something else went into their lunchbox, but I was too groggy to remember The wraps were on mayo, lettuce, grilled chicken and parmesan cheese. The older kids also got a side of trail mix along with the side of carrots. The little one got a yogurt since no nuts allowed at her school.

school lunch

Putting sandwiches into a tortilla wrap magically transforms them into a much fancier meal!

7. School & daycare lunch: virginia ham on whole wheat with goat cheese. Side of cucumber and plums/apricots.

school lunch

Sometimes the kids request a particular fruit…

8. Egg salad (with mayo and scallions) on mulitigrain with tomatoes and nectarines.

school lunch

The egg salad was leftover from Sunday brunch.

9. Lunch for four kids today! Grandma joined our littlest one on a field trip to the Prospect Park Zoo! Whole wheat with Canadian bacon, aioli & romaine, baby carrots, apricots & pear.

school lunch

Packing lunch for an extra person wasn’t difficult at all. 

10. Homemade lunchables: roast beef, bologna, salami, cheddar, feta, laughing cow, mozzarella stick, mini pita, cucumbers and tomatoes.

school lunch

Homemade “lunchables” are also a great way to clear our your cheese and cold cut drawer!



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    1. makemealsmama Post author

      The lunch containers are sistema brand. I got these blue ones at Old Navy, but they’re available all over the place: The Container Store, Macy’s (Sistema brand under the Martha Stewart label) and I think they were recently on Zuilily. Note: they are not intended to be leak proof, so don’t put anything liquidy in there.


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