School & Daycare Lunches

Having adventurous eaters at home often translates into adventurous lunches.  Often, the kids get leftovers from the previous nights dinner.  Other times, they get quickly thrown together lunches.  Either way, my husband and I try to keep them healthful.

Here are 15 ideas from the past few weeks that we’ve given to our 4th grader, 2nd grader and Daycare aged kids: 

1. School lunch: Chicken Soup packed with ramen noodles, sweet and salty rice crackers, edamame in the pods with sea salt. Daycare child requested a sandwich: Sopressata and cream cheese.

2. School & daycare lunch: tuna salad with scallions and mayo, pita, sweet peppers, brown cow yogurt and seaweed snack.

3. School and daycare lunch (care of spouse!!!): cauliflower (with evoo, s&p), gigantic blackberries, chocolate chip cookies and cream cheese and salami on whole wheat.

4. School and daycare lunch: whole wheat wrap with laughing cow cheese and ham. Hard boiled egg with a side pocket of salt. Carrots grapes and frozen gogurt.

5. School lunch: whole wheat bread with turkey, ham and hummus. Clementines, cheese stick, grape tomatoes.

6. School and daycare lunch: whole wheat bread with cream cheese and lox; cucumber and pepper Spears, blue jello, plum, Cheez-its

7. School and DC lunch: Chicken tagine with couscous, raisins, apricots and cherries (in the thermos), rice cake & red grapes.

8. School lunch: bagel with goat cheese and turkey, grape tomatoes, blueberries, baby bel and three Joe-Joe cookies. The LO got rice with roast beef as her entree.

9. School lunch: BLT’s, carrot sticks, crackers, pecan blondies

10. School and daycare lunch: soup (leftover turkey meatballs, ditalini, roasted corn, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes), grapes, rice crackers and vanilla wafers (not pictured)

11. School lunch: hummus, pita, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, yogurt & grapes

12. School lunch: cream cheese and salami sandwich, dried fruit and nuts, edamame, baby grapes & mozzarella stick

13. School lunch: tuna fish salad, sweet peppers, mini pita, peach and frozen gogurt (that will keep their lunchbox cold until it’s time to be eaten)

14. Daycare lunch: truffled mac & cheese, yogurt, edamame and sugar snack. (they’ll warm up the mac and cheese at DC.)

15. School lunch: hot Mac & cheese with string beans, edamame and apple sauce

(Kids Also Want To) Eat, Drink and Be Yummy!


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